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Particle images and information at your fingertips!
Rather than looking through several sites or several reference texts, the online atlas will provide immediate access to details about particles of interest to you.

Spend less time searching and more time finding the answers you need!
The online Atlas allows you to quickly search for particles based on morphology, elemental composition, particle name, keywords, etc.

The Atlas is more comprehensive than any other resource available!
Particle characterizations include analysis data, micrographs, and/or spectra from PLM, SEM, EDS, TEM, FTIR, RAMAN, and other techniques. You will also have access to an expansive glossary of terms, instrumentation descriptions, technique explanations, bibliography, and a sample index.

Trustworthy results!
So you can be confident in the results, the particle characterizations have been compiled, written, and reviewed by a team of scientists at McCrone Associates, Inc. Located in Westmont, Illinois, McCrone has been a world renowned materials analysis firm for over 50 years.

Other Features Included:

  • Printable particle characterization
  • Dynamic EDS, FTIR, and Raman spectra.
  • Full-screen photo and electron micrographs
  • Particle characterization cross-linking
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